“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.”

― Jean Vanier


“And if we want to achieve our goal, then let us empower ourselves with the weapon of knowledge and let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness”

― Malala Yousafzai






Daida-Mc Green Hair Products. Protect & Grow Your Hair Under Your Wig & Protective-Styles. Afro-Hair Movement. Rock Your Fro.


Read. Learn. Cook. Listen. Experience. Mento & Calyso. Vallenato & Cumbia. Spanish. Creole. And a lot more.


Professional in Music, Art & Culture Leardership. Gopel Singer. Mento Dancer. Caribbean Culture Mediate.


This web portal is designed to get in touch with people who would like to have my services or/and products. It opens the opportunity for me to get in touch and delever the service and product, with great professionalism, dedication and engagement. Through this site it is inteded to inform, guide, teach, share, exchange and get/be in touch with custumers, employers and Caribbean culture inquisitors and lovers. In regard to my-webshop, I make beauty products for African decendent women who have difficulties coping with transitioning when moving abroad. I am specialized by experience, in taking care of, and growing afro-hair under the wig and protective-styles. In regard to my-e-library, I do e-courses, e-books and sell Caribbean music. In regard to my-portfolio, it's an entrée of who I am am as person and professional, what I do in terms of my professional (university) career and what I can offer to employers in the music, art and culture industry.



Custumers section only:

  • Get inform about promotions and great deals
  • Learn more about the natural hair movement
  • Follow the trend of African women style and fashion

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